Me & the site

About Me

I'm Joshua Kunst, a human being who likes the statistics, programming and visualization and join all this topics. I enjoy open source and sharing ideas and code.

I use a lot R. Learn a little D3js every day. Programming Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS when I need. Play some Dota2 or guitar when I can. Surfing the web 18/6!

What I to do

Write Code

I enjoy write code. It's a way to express myself and explore thing that I like. Can be a code to get a simple plot or a package to help others users.

Visualize data

It's nice to get results and visualize them sometimes it's easy and fast to read. An image worth 1000 words and a beautiful chart worth 2000 words.

Dig into the data

The data not always (never) come tabulated data and clean. You always have to get your hands dirty and sometimes, not always, it's fun.

Share Code and Ideas

80% the code what I write comes from other people ideas. Ideas can be transformed and mixed. That's why I like to share code.

What have I done

About This Site

This site is powered by Jekyll using a custom Strange Case theme. All blog posts are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The R blog posts are compiled with knitr R markdown using this script. You can find the reproducible sources of each blog post here.