Data, Code and Visualization

#GOT Animating the Shifting of Affiliations

My first steps using the gganimate package using Game of Thrones data!

When charts are integrated in the web page

I saw a chart yesterday, a chart without frame, without title or captions just a very hidden chart at bottom of the web page. It will be a nice time to get the most interesting visual features of it.

Using tooltips in unexpected ways

Highcharts tooltips are one of most underated features. In the tooltips you can easily render html, that means we can put images, tables even charts. So the possibilities are almost limitless.

Giving a Thematic Touch to your Interactive Chart

Sometimes you need to express yourself.

Thematic Interactive Map

Last week all the #rstatsosphere see a beautiful swiss map from Timo Grossenbacher using just ggplot2. Now is the turn of highcharter because all can be better with a bit of interactivity.

Interactive and Styled Middle Earth Map

Just for fun and because we can.

Replicating NYT Weather App

So much time since my last post so I want to post something, no matter what it is, but I hope this will be somehow helpful.

Pokemon: Viz 'em all

At some point we had to do it

Adding motion to choropleths

We will use the highchart motion plugin with a map.

How to: Weather Radials

TLDR: Creating weather radials withh highcharter and ggplot2

Visualizing Chess Data With ggplot

A collection of chess visualization using only... yeah, you know! only ggplot2.

rchess a Chess Package for R

Finally R have a chess package! Let's see what can it do.

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Data, Code and Visualization


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