#GOT Animating the Shifting of Affiliations

My first steps using the gganimate package using Game of Thrones data!

Joshua Kunst http://jkunst.com/

Table of Contents

gganimate: worth to try it and learn it

Figure 1: gganimate: worth to try it and learn it


Introduction and Idea

Why use GOT data? Because I was participating in #datosdemiercoles which is the spanish version of #tidytuesday. So the data is given and the purpouse is to learn new packages using that data and share with the community, you know this already, right?

Secondly the package I want to learn beside {ggforce} is {gganimate} so a very first idea was represent every character as a point and move according the actual affiliations. A kind of copy inspiration from FlowingData’s A Day in the Life of Americans1