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  • Joshua Kunst. Author, maintainer.

  • Nuno Agostinho. Contributor.
    hchart.survfit, densities and hc_add_series_scatter

  • Danton Noriega. Contributor.

  • Charlie Joey Hadley. Contributor.
    hc_add_event_point improvement

  • Eduardo Flores. Contributor.
    First version hc_add_series_df_tidy

  • Dean Kilfoyle. Contributor.
    First version hc_add_series_boxplot

  • Adline Dsilva. Contributor.
    First version Matrix heatmap

  • Kamil Slowikowski. Contributor.

  • Christian Minich. Contributor.
    hcaes mutate_mapping improvement

  • Jonathan Armond. Contributor.
    mutate_mapping bugfix

  • David Breuer. Contributor.
    download_map_data quiet parameter

  • Mauricio Vargas. Contributor.
    tests and gh-actions

  • Michael Yan. Contributor.
    Motivational example for treemap/sunburst data helper

  • Bart Oortwijn. Contributor.
    rjson option, hc_add_yAxis, and GH issues collaborator

  • Paul Campbell. Contributor.
    additional proxy methods



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